Equity Audits

We live in a socio-political climate that is radicalized and unstable. Racial and social justice is at the forefront of our interaction with students and families. Our programming,  and practices  must be transparent and reflective of our belief in racial and social justice.  Let Nylinka help your school or organization along that journey. We will analyze the key components of organizational life to assess equity. Once completed clients will receive a comprehensive report that entails:

*Recommendations to game plan for building a more equitable school/organization

*Support in crafting a Equity Statement

*A pulse check on what equitable practices are succeeding within the organization

*An action plan for sustainability

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Leadership Development and Coaching includes​:

*Setting a Leadership vision & focusing on execution

*Defining values & defending the values of the institution

*Finding your leadership voice (this is for new principals or seasoned administrators in new spaces)

*Refining your leadership voice (What do you want)

*Avoiding milkshake moments (this focuses on efficiency within schools and maximizing staff efforts)


        Supporting BLACK MALES

Schools often patholgize Black males. The belief is they are the problem. Nylinka understand there is nothing wrong with Black males, but that school practices are toxic and disenfranchise them. Nylinka provides workshops that help schools change their mindset about Black boys AND Black men.  tend Workshop highlights include:

*A framework for creating and sustaining instructional equity.

*Differences between male and female brain development.

*Relationship building for Black male academic achievement.

*How girls benefit from breaking instructional inequity.

*The Why of your school-wide discipline approach.

*Hidden inequities in many special education referrals and practices.

*GOT CRT?  (Culturally Relevant Teaching & centering the culture of Black and minority children) 

*How supporting Black and Latino males creates buoyancy for all students


Eighty percent of office referrals are for males students, even though they are 49% of the total
school population. This workshop shifts school discipline policies to restorative practices.

Workshop highlights include:


*Creating a zero tolerance for zero tolerance.

*The essence of relationship building.

*Assisting school staff in pushing back against the pushback.

*This workshop justifies the need for restorative justice practices in schools. 
*Implementing peace circles/restorative circles.

*Building and training student teams for peer mediation and conflict resolution. 

The sessions were filled with "ah-ha moments" and "Why didn't I think of that" moments. Desmond's passion and commitment to our children shone throughout his book and in the sessions.  I look forward to another collaboration in the near future. 

Dr. Cheri Hayes, Assistant Principal, Kadena ES

Equity in Content
Nylinka School Services creates culturally relevant content/curriculum that is inclusive of various cultures and historical perspectives.
 Nylinka can help schools by:

*Conducting curricula revamping. 

*Assessing key component of the existing curricula.

*Leading workshops that support key school personnel in curricula re-writing.

*Facilitating town halls with parents/stakeholders to message curricula changes.

*Vetting resources, materials, text, etc. to support new curricula materials.

*Creating more inclusive library spaces.