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Strategic Planning
Nylinka School Solutions works with individual principals and assistant principals. We help principals craft and design strategic plans for their schools. We help school leaders find points of leverage to create the change needed to impact student learning. This support can be provided to individual principals or entire leadership teams.

Setting the Vision/Executing the Vision
Nylinka School Solutions helps principals and school leadership teams articulate their vision and craft protocol and systems to insure the execution. This support focuses on collecting the right data, analyzing situation and context, and creating a narrative for growth and progress. Principals will learn to get out in front of their vision and how to focus on landmines that sometimes foil growth.

Finding a Leadership Voice
Nylinka School Solutions helps new and seasoned school administrators find their leadership voice. We help principals manage the process of getting a little better every day. We help leaders craft a leadership voice and help them navigate the pros and cons of their leadership voice.

Team Building
Schools are very busy places, and teachers are constantly under the stress of having demands on their time. But the highest performing schools, have high performing teams. Take time to sharpen the saw. Let Nylinka School Solutions craft activities to bring teachers and staff closer together as a cohesive unit. As an extension, Nylinka will train selected staff members to conduct follow up team building activities to maintain momentum.

Black Male Learning Styles-How Black males learn-Nylinka School Solutions understands that many major cities have graduation rates for Black males that are below 70%. This means three out of 10 boys in urban cities will not graduate from high school. Black males score on the low end of every quality of life indicator imaginable. This workshop focuses on how black boys learn best. This workshop details differences between male and female brain development and how it impacts learning and behavior. The workshop deep dives into about cultural landmines that many teachers (of all races often fall into). Teachers will feel empowered to make the changes necessary to impact learning and achievement for boys of color.

This workshop also features a special “black male learning protocol”. This tool is used to give boys agency in classroom and learning spaces. At the same time, the protocol helps teachers convert mundane lessons into engaging activities that stimulate the male brain and break up the monotony of many classrooms. The Black male learning style workshop also details the implications of classrooms that ignore cultural and gender differences in learning.

Appropriate Learning Spaces for Black and Brown Boys- Nylinka School Solutions aides schools and school districts confront how well they serve males of color in their school(s). The workshop includes an overview of school-wide discipline policies, office referrals, suspensions,
referrals for special education, graduation rates (if applicable) and growth on standardized testing.

Nylinka School Solutions can help your school avoid with the dip. Research tells us that boys of color start losing interest in school as early as grade four. There is also ample research that tells us that middle-class black males are outperformed on SAT and achievement indicators by white
male students with less means? Why is this the case? We can help. Boys are given the Black Boy report card. This document serves as a blueprint of how they will be gauged and judged in school spaces. This workshop involves both staff, students, and families.

80% of the office referrals in America are for males, even though boys are 49% of the total
school population. This workshop focuses on shifting school discipline policies to restorative justice. It helps schools move away from a zero tolerance for zero tolerance.

This workshop justifies the need for restorative justice practices in schools. The workshop helps administrators push back against the push back that often comes from teachers and parents who are less familiar with restorative justice.

Staff will learn how to implement Peace Circles. Teachers learn how to use and incorporate Peace circles in classrooms and in the larger school community.

This workshop also includes a focus on peer mediation and conflict resolution. Peer mediation helps community members mediate issues and conflicts that occur naturally in school communities. Students are taught the language of mediation and the how tos of resolving conflict in a constructive, healthy and respectful manner.


Equity in Content
Nylinka School Services helps individual schools and school districts be more inclusive in the voices and images presented to students. We create curriculum that is inclusive of various cultures while creating historical balance. Sample Units of study include Black Inventors, Women’s Suffrage, Revisiting Civil Rights, Before Columbus, and Across the Black Diaspora.
Nylinka School Solutions provides up to the minute recommendations for book titles (K-12) that can be celebrated, used and read in media centers/libraries, classroom libraries, read aloud, literature circles and throughout the school community.

Equity in all Voices
Our schools are political places. Having sticky conversations about race, diversity and inclusion of all voices can be difficult to navigate. Let Nylinka School Solutions move your organization toward a tangible plan for insuring success for marginalized and or minority populations

Desmond was a thoughtful leader who’s most notable achievement during his tenure as principal, aside from his unwavering commitment to academic excellence, was his positive effect on school culture and staff morale—

Chloe Ball, Washington, DC Teacher