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The COVID-19 Summer Bridge Camp is designed to prevent academic regression from the lack of school-bound instruction.  It is two weeks of intensive projects allowing students to explore, question and grapple with content that is relevant and engaging. Children will receive two hours of quality instruction that will be divided between ELA (English Language Arts) and Math (STEM). Camp hours are from 11:00 am-1:00 pm M-F.

ELA camp sessions will include:

Justice/protest literature through the critical texts Dear Martin, The Space Traders, Bias         and others.

Common Core Strands include: Reading/Writing on grade level, examining text for main        idea.

Culminating projects/products include:

 *Position papers on police/community relations
 *Personal State of the Union Address
 *Team debates
 *Grammar toolkit

Math camp sessions include:

⯈ Real world investigations designed to strengthen critical thinking and build conceptual            knowledge of mathematics.


Common Core Strands include:

 Numbers & Quantity, Algebra, Geometry, and Expressions & Equations

Culminating projects/products include:

 *The Namba Kitabu Project-These activities allow students to explore the relationship             between numbers and critical facts regarding historical figures.

 *The Hundreds Challenge-This project challenges students to apply foundational math            skills to formulate equations that equal numbers between 1 and 100.

COVID-19 Summer Bridge Camp


Strategic Planning
Nylinka School Solutions works with individual principals and assistant principals. We help principals craft and design strategic plans for their schools. We help school leaders find points of leverage to create the change needed to impact student learning. This support can be provided to individual principals or entire leadership teams.

Setting the Vision/Executing the Vision
Nylinka School Solutions helps principals and school leadership teams articulate their vision and craft protocol and systems to insure the execution. This support focuses on collecting the right data, analyzing situation and context, and creating a narrative for growth and progress. Principals will learn to get out in front of their vision and how to focus on landmines that sometimes foil growth.

Finding a Leadership Voice
Nylinka School Solutions helps new and seasoned school administrators find their leadership voice. We help principals manage the process of getting a little better every day. We help leaders craft a leadership voice and help them navigate the pros and cons of their leadership voice.

Team Building
Schools are very busy places, and teachers are constantly under the stress of having demands on their time. But the highest performing schools, have high performing teams. Take time to sharpen the saw. Let Nylinka School Solutions craft activities to bring teachers and staff closer together as a cohesive unit. As an extension, Nylinka will train selected staff members to conduct follow up team building activities to maintain momentum.

        Supporting BLACK MALES

Black Male Learning Styles -Nylinka understands that many inner cities have graduation rates for Black males below 70%. Black males tend to score on the low end of many quality of life indicators. This workshop focuses on how Black boys learn best.  Workshop highlights include:

*A framework for instructional equity.

*Differences between male and female brain development.

*Cultural landmines that many teachers (of all races) often fall into.

*Relationship building in order to fuel student achievement.

*How girls benefit from breaking instructional inequity.

Appropriate Learning Spaces for Black and Brown Boys -Nylinka helps school districts confront how well they serve males of color in their school(s). The service is scalable and customizable. Workshop highlights include:


*The Why of your school-wide discipline approach.

*The hidden inequity in many special education referrals and practices.

*The relevance of curricula and programming.

*An overview of instructional inequity within academic programming.

*Student surveys on relationships and school culture.

Avoiding the Dip-Research tells us that boys of color start losing interest in school as early as grade four. Nylinka can help. Workshop highlights include:

Overview of Black male identify issues

*An overview of the Black boy report card

*An overview of school-based programming.

(This workshop involves both staff, students, and families.)


Eighty percent of the office referrals are for males students, even though they are 49% of the total
school population. This workshop shifts school discipline policies to restorative practices.

Workshop highlights include:


*Creating a zero tolerance for zero tolerance.

*The essence of relationship building.

*Assisting school staff in pushing back against the pushback.

*This workshop justifies the need for restorative justice practices in schools. 
*Implementing peace circles/restorative circles.

*Building and training student teams for peer mediation and conflict resolution. 

The sessions were filled with "ah-ha moments" and "Why didn't I think of that" moments. Desmond's passion and commitment to our children shone throughout his book and in the sessions.  I look forward to another collaboration in the near future. 

Dr. Cheri Hayes, Assistant Principal, Kadena ES


Equity in Content
Nylinka School Services helps individual schools and school districts be more inclusive in the voices and images presented to students. We create curriculum that is inclusive of various cultures while creating historical balance. Sample Units of study include Black Inventors, Women’s Suffrage, Revisiting Civil Rights, Before Columbus, and Across the Black Diaspora.
Nylinka School Solutions provides up to the minute recommendations for book titles (K-12) that can be celebrated, used and read in media centers/libraries, classroom libraries, read aloud, literature circles and throughout the school community.

Equity in all Voices
Our schools are political places. Having sticky conversations about race, diversity and inclusion of all voices can be difficult to navigate. Let Nylinka School Solutions move your organization toward a tangible plan for insuring success for marginalized and or minority populations

"Helping students live their dreams, one solution at a time."


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