We envision a world in which all student dreams reach full fruition because of the wealth of professional know-how, love, and nurturing cultivated in them by teachers and schools.



We add value to the world by serving school districts, schools, school leaders, and teachers with a balance of leadership development, pedagogical resources, and professional coaching. In doing so, we leverage clients to more strategically serve children in order to make the world more just and equitable.



Our founder, Desmond Williams, grew up in Detroit, Michigan. One day he noticed a young man outside playing with matchbox cars. Desmond told the young boy how much he loved cars when he was that age. The young boy dashed into his small apartment and came back with a tattered notebook. He told Desmond, “These are the cars I’ve drawn.”  Desmond was amazed at how great an artist this young boy was. All of his cars looked original and futuristic. After probing,  Desmond was further amazed that all the drawings were by the young boy. Devin, the young boy, promised he would keep drawing and said that he would one day own a car company called Nylinka.


That was over 25 years ago. Unfortunately, there is no Nylinka Motor Group.  Desmond adopted the name Nylinka reminding us that all children have dreams. Schools, teachers, and principals are the dream catchers and dream harvesters. Our chief duty is to shepherd children to their dreams.


Nylinka represents a lifetime of hopes and aspirations. Devin and Nylinka are a part of us. Devin serves as a reminder that there is a Nylinka in all the children we serve, and that there is a Devin in all the children we serve.



Desmond Williams is a career teacher, principal, author and thought leader. The only things he wanted to do growing up were design Transformers and be a sitcom writer. After having many teachers tell him those dreams were silly, he decided he wanted to teach because he knew children deserved better. He spent his career serving as a special educator, classroom teacher, and school administrator.

He received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Howard University in Washington, DC, and later received his master’s degree in Education and Human Development from George Washington University. He started his teaching career in DCPS as a special educator. He subsequently moved and became a special education coordinator because of his business acumen and understanding of children with special needs. 


He then ventured into school-based administration. He boasts many career accomplishments, but his biggest is creating pathways of success for disenfranchised communities. Desmond has spoken at multiple conferences across the country offering his expertise and insight in engaging inner-city students. He has worked with several independent schools and school districts. His passion is educating boys of color. “They are the most marginalized and are in need of the most help. Teachers that serve them, tend to be the teachers that are in need of the most support.” 


Desmond served 6 years at an all-boys school in Washington DC, teaching 4 years and serving as an administrator for 2 more years. “It had always been a goal to help other educators increase the level of engagement and investment in boys of color. That is why I launched Nylinka School Solutions. I wanted to leverage my experience and expertise to aid as many schools as possible. Our goal is to help children achieve their dreams by maximizing teacher skill and talent one solution at a time.”

Desmond was recognized and appreciated for helping to change the negative narrative often perpetuated by the media and others into a more positive counter narrative that recognized the untapped talents and faculties latent within boys of color.

Crystal Garza, Charlotte teacher